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webR REPL Standalone in Stackblitz

webR Standalone REPL in React + Vite

webR offers a very neat REPL. I thought it might be interesting/fun to isolate the REPL into a standalone React + Vite project in Stackblitz. Thanks very much to the lead author of webR George Stagg who generously approved this fork of their amazing work.

Use Cases

I am still trying to think of use cases for this project in Stackblitz. It seems having this readily available for the world to use, share, and embed (with no install) on the web is nice, but with a little imagination I believe we can do even more with this or something like it. For instance, I think we could change to add R script(s) in public for them to load in the webR virtual filesystem to populate the top left. Maybe we can leverage Bob Rudis’ amazing pkgtrap and brilliant book Making Portable CLIs With WebR. Or maybe it is just easier to use the smaller isolated version to learn. I would love to hear your ideas.

Embedded Example

Here is how it looks if we embed the Stackblitz project.